We were tasked with the amazing opportunity to reduce this Beech tree, set in the most beautiful 9 acres of private garden we have had the pleasure of working in. The daily gardener arrived on site shortly after us to ensure we were not undoing his great work.

As you can see or lead climber Tom took his time to reach the tips of every branch to ensure we sympathetically reduced this tree as opposed to making big wooded cuts, and took care to ensure all cuts were in accordance with BS3998.

We also removed any and all dead wood from with inside the crown, as this is the entrance Tree to this beautiful estate and is over the drive and parking spaces. We are estimating this tree to be roughly 300 years old, which would mean it was planted roughly at the time of the property being built.

With just the two of us on site we managed this job in a very efficient and calm manor for the client who was very happy with our professionalism and our descreet nature of working. She didn’t find us intrusive and did not find the works as disruptive as she initially imagined.

So with Tom producing what can only be described as an amazing job, we close the chapter on this specific tree, but we look forward to future projects and potential clients offering us the opportunity to carry on.

We offer a professional, affordable and reliable service, to the Bristol and surround areas. We look forward to speaking with future clients, and hope you look favourable on us if you have any tree, hedge or garden works requirements.