A lot of people ask, how can I tell a good tree surgeon from a poor one, even before the starts work?


Here is a list of some thing to ask or check before you agree any works,

Can I see your certificates please?

A reason we as tree surgeons get certified is to ensure we are proficient in the use and the safety of the machinery and equipment we use.

Have you got insurance?

Insurance is integral to any building or ground workers you have working on your property or land. The persons insured should also be trained in the area of works, otherwise their insurance is null and void.

Can I see some previous works please?

As tree surgeons we are proud of our work, we have photos or videos of our work, either on our phones or our websites.

Are they wearing the appropriate PPE?

Tree surgeons have very strict PPE legislation,  we must wear appropriate and specific trousers, boots and helmets complete with ear defends and visors.

Did they cold call?

Most professional tree surgeons will not cold call you, they may leaflet drop. But with so many unprofessional firms around at the moment, professional firms still hold their heads high.

Now although this is not an exhausted list, this is just a quick line of initial questioning,Tree knowledge, and an appreciation for trees and the environment is also an integral part of most professional trees surgeons business ethos. A waste carriers licence is also something to ask about.

A professional tree surgeon will not force or even ask for an agreement of works on site, most will agree to compile a quotation and send this in the post or via email for your perusal with insurance and terms conditions details.

The photos above are some photos of works we have seen in and around England where a professional firm had completed tree works. As you can see from the photos, the trees have been left in poor and dangerous condition. This will only ever lead to a higher risk of injury or failure, just leading to more trees works to be done.