So to bring an end to 2016 Bristol Tree Services have compiled a quick set of photos to show you the work we have completed in the last couple of months.

This is a Mulberry tree reduction we did in Wedmore, Somerset. This was working in conjugation with PJH Gardencare.

This was a Walnut reduction and lift, because of the decay within some of the crown we opted to use a MEWP (Mobile elevated work platform) for safety. This job was in Taunton, Somerset.

This was a conifer removal in Filton, over the space of 4 weeks the tree had declined rapidly leading to its death. We removed the tree and recycled the wood for logs, and the woodchip was used at a local fishery for Footpaths.

This tree was in Oldland common, the customer had previously maintained the tree, but due to ill health the owners were now finding it a struggle and aksed us to maintain he tree.