Tree Removal in Clifton, Bristol

In September Bristol Tree Services made their mark on the city. As a new established firm of tree surgeons, it’s rare to have the opportunity to remove such a challenging tree.

With the guys and their long history of professional tree surgery this was an opportunity to showcase their skills and approach to tree removals.

The tree was in the Clifton area of Bristol and spanned a total of six enclosed gardens with no access.

We needed to erect a scaffold in a neighbouring garden before getting to work on removing the tree itself. When the client asked for our recommendation for a team of scaffolders we called in the best in Bristol – The Hickery Brothers.

Once the access was sorted Alex made a start on the tree that would soon be a stump. We began by removing all the lateral branches and that got to work on the main wood before tackling the standing stem.

We offer tree surgery services to both domestic and commercial clients across Bristol. If you’d like to find out more about any of the tree services we offer or make an enquiry contact us today.