Tree Surgery Glossary



➡️ Cable Bracing
➡️ Canker

➡️ Canopy
➡️ Cavity
➡️ Compaction
➡️ Coppicing
➡️ Crossing Branches
➡️ Crown


➡️ Deadwood
➡️ Deciduous

➡️ Dormant Season



➡️ Guying
➡️ Girdling Roots
➡️ Grafting


➡️ Hazard
➡️ Heartwood
➡️ Hydraulic Lift


➡️ Leaf Scorch
➡️ Limb
➡️ Lopper


➡️ Mulching


➡️ Palmate
➡️ Pest Control
➡️ Pollarding
➡️ Pruning



➡️ Stump Grinding
➡️ Sapwood




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All works are carried out to BS3998, using AFAG guidelines. We are also registered waste carriers and try to recycle 100% of our waste as either fire logs or wood chip for Bio Fuel.

We are Bristol’s local Tree Surgeon, offering a variety of tree surgery services to domestic and commercial customers in Bristol and the surrounding areas.